Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Ready For Our New Adventure!

First, a bit of background..
Jim and I have been married since October 10, 1981.  We are getting ready to soon celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary together!  Reason to celebrate, is it not?  

I have been wanting to visit Italy for years now, and for what ever reason, life has gotten in the way.  I decided to put it down as an actual goal about 5 years ago.  It has taken 5 years, but it is becoming a reality.  There is something very powerful in putting things down in writing and with a time frame.  It may not happen exactly how or when you picture it, but I do believe it has a way of moving you in that direction!

Because of work schedules, it worked out better for us to go this spring instead of waiting until the fall, so the plans have begun!  It just so happens, that our son is in South Africa for a year, so we have decided to add visiting him to our trip.  An added bonus for sure!

We are getting ready to set off on our big adventure to Italy and South Africa. But, before we leave, we have decided to also make a move! As if planning a Big Trip of a Lifetime is not enough to take on right? Well, we never seem to do things the simple way. Life is never boring for us that is for sure.

It is my hope that with this Blog, I will be able to Journal, post pictures and post videos of our trip, but will also be letting you in on the planning of the trip as we go. So stay tuned!!


  1. Congrats Tori! I know this trip has been a vision for you and Jim for a while - Im soo excited for you guys to finally be on this adventure!! Looking forward to seeing the pics and reading the updates along the way! Enjoy every experience - time flies!! Much Love!! Christy~