Friday, April 29, 2011

Our trip to Italy and first day in Rome


What a journey that was.  Jim received an injection in his back the morning we left, and had to have a wheel chair throughout the airports.   That left me running behind!  The airport in Paris is huge, so it was a good thing we had someone else guiding the way.  The flight from LAX to Paris was long and tiresome, but we made it!  The flight from Paris to Rome was not so bad.  Only a few hours.  We landed and once we got our luggage, a driver from the hotel met us and took us straight to our hotel.  It was located right in the center of Rome, and she gave us some guided pointers along the way.  A lot to take in after such a long journey.

We slept the first night like babies, and awoke to the knock on our door at 11:00am.   Unheard of!  We must have needed it badly.

Our first day in Rome was jampacked!  We took a guided bus tour all around the city which gave us a good overview.  That lasted about 2 hours.

We were on our own for a few more hours, and stumbled upon a very quaint and lovely Ristorante for a very late dinner.

All in all a very wonderful day.

I'll post some pictures on Facebook.

A Domani!

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  1. It is so hard to believe that it has been a year since we left for Italy!

    I had meant to post pictures and keep a running journal of our trip, but It really didn't work out that way. Internet service was much harder to come by than I had anticipated, and by the time we uploaded all of our pictures from the day, I was exhausted!

    So, I am going to try and re-live the experience a year later!